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Knowledge-Based Companies Should Assist Cinema

Knowledge-Based Companies Should Assist CinemaKnowledge-Based Companies Should Assist Cinema

Investment risks should be eliminated in different fields of art, which is innovative in essence, so that artists and filmmakers can create their work without being hassled about the outcome or final result.

Head of Iran Cinema Organization Hojatollah Ayoubi made the remarks at the closing ceremony of the Third Festival of Technology & Industrial Film & Photography ‘Farda’ (Tomorrow) at Charsou Cineplex in Tehran August 1, Mehr News Agency reported.

Pointing to specific problems filmmakers face during and after a production, Ayoubi said: “When some filmmakers have problems to make or screen their movies on religious or sacred defense (1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war) subjects, others are also discouraged from producing such films.”

The only way to address “restrictive conditions” is to have faith in artists’ creativity. Knowledge-based companies can assist filmmakers.

In the field of cinema, knowledge-based companies, comprising experts in different fields, can take an idea and after conducting extensive research on various aspects, can start the project, so that the final production will sail smoothly.

“Language of cinema is so powerful, it can be utilized to introduce people with industrial and technological activities,” Ayoubi said, and hoped the mix of cinema, industry and technology can help the whole society.

The three-day festival (July 29-31) was organized by the Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) and supported by the office of the Vice President for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade.

Head of ACECR Hamidreza Tayebi, emphasized the necessity for art to help the economy and said: “We can see a bright future in industry post-sanctions. Industry can cooperate with artists and benefit from the potentials of art to offer better productions to the public.”

Winners of different sections of the festival were awarded. The late documentarian Mohamadreza Moqadasian, an activist in industrial films, was commemorated. Industrial filmmaker Kamran Shirdel was honored in absentia. He could not attend the function due to a broken leg.

Under the July 14 deal between Iran and the P5+1, Iran accepted temporary constraints on its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.