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Parviz Bahram, an Everlasting Voice

Parviz Bahram,  an Everlasting VoiceParviz Bahram,  an Everlasting Voice

Veteran voice actor Parviz Bahram was honored in a ceremony on his 82nd birthday at Arasbaran Cultural Center in Tehran on Saturday.

A professional in the field of dubbing for over 65 years, the voiceover artist was presented a commendation plaque by Farabi Cinema Foundation (FCF), House of Cinema and Iran Dubbing Association. His stamp was also unveiled, ISNA reported.

Bahram thanked the huge crowd present and said, “What can I say but express my gratitude to my friends and the people who have come to see me. I have worked for state radio, dubbed and acted in plays. That is my biography.”

Bahram is suffering from blood cancer.

Several prominent cinema, TV and radio personalities attended the event. Voice actors Bahram Zand, Jafar Vali, Hossein Erfani, Manuchehr Valizadeh, Nasser Mamduh, as well as actors Bahman Mofid, Saeed Rad, Naser Malek-Motiee, Pouri Banayi and Ahoo Kheradmand took part in the function.

Although dubbing artists work from behind the scenes, their voices and work remain forever. Dubbing is a profession and an art in which voice actors almost recreate the voice of original actors; however, their work is not usually noted the world over, and the credit usually goes to the original actors.

Bahram has lent his voice to famous western characters including Kirk Douglas in ‘Ulysses’, Laurence Olivier in ‘Othello’, James Mason in ‘Julius Caesar’ and ‘Madame Bovari’, and Orson Welles in ‘The Third Man’. His narration of the documentary ‘The Silk Road’ will remain forever in people’s memories.