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London to Host Iran Film Festival

London to Host Iran Film FestivalLondon to Host Iran Film Festival

The sixth London Iranian Film Festival (UKIFF) is slated for October 30-Novemebr 7, where ‘Crazy Castle’ by Abdolhassan Davoudi and ‘Oblivion Season’ by Abbas Rafei will be screened.

In ‘Crazy Castle’ the story follows a number of young people who get acquainted on the Internet. After “joking and making bets with each other, they find themselves on a daunting and complex path,” reports Mehr News Agency.

The movie won five Crystal Simorghs at the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival earlier in February and is among the hit movies of the year. Saed Soheili (also acted in ‘A Few Cubic Meters of Love’) Tannaz Tabatabai, Saber Abar and Amir Jadidi, are among the cast.

‘Oblivion Season’ is about a woman with a dark past who wants to start a new life but leaving the shadow of her past is not as easy. Sareh Bayat (‘A Separation’ and ‘Nahid’) and Amin Zendegani play in the 2014 production.

 Day of Cinema

Meanwhile, three movies from young Iranian directors, including ‘360 Degree’ by Sam Qaribian, ‘I Am Not Angry’ by Reza Dormishian and ‘Melbourne’ by Nima Javidi, were screened at London’s Greenwood Theatre, on ‘A Day of Iranian Cinema,’ on August 1.

Qaribian’s movie, a dramatic thriller, weaves together the stories of people from disparate social backgrounds through their “intersecting relationships.”

It depicts the life of a young man who gets involved in drug dealing on the eve of his wedding. After serving a three-year sentence he is released into a whirlwind of events that again involves the police and the drug mafia. Milad Keymaram, Amir Aqai, and Mitra Hajjar are among the cast.

Acclaimed film ‘Melbourne’ directed by Nima Javidi garnered many awards including Best Screenplay at the 8th annual Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) in Australia, 2014. Payman Maadi (‘A Separation’) and Negar Javaherian are the lead characters.

‘I Am Not Angry’ is a powerful drama that bagged awards in several international film festivals including APSA Academy Netpac Development Prize. Baran Kosari and Navid Mohammadzadeh play the lead roles.

Earlier this year, Greenwood Theater had organized another event for Iranian cinema, showing films of well-known directors. Bahram Beizai’s ‘Bashu, the Little Stranger’, Dariush Mehrjui’s ‘Hamoun’ and Majid Majidi’s ‘Children of Heaven’ were screened in April.