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‘Noisy Monsters’ Reconcile With Children

‘Noisy Monsters’ Reconcile With Children‘Noisy Monsters’ Reconcile With Children

An exhibition of illustrations ‘Noisy Monsters’ by artists Sara Rezvani and Saideh Vasheghani is underway at Behnam Daheshpur Charity Organization Gallery.

The collection of 24 works seeks to address children and aims “to create friendly relationship between kids and their imaginary creatures,” Honaronline reported.

Rezvani who is an art therapist says the idea of the collection first triggered in her mind when she found “some children are friends with monsters,” while a majority are afraid of them.

“I decided to depict lovable creatures to turn children’s fears into friendship,” she said.

She deals mostly with “spiritually and physically challenged children,” but her exhibited artworks are not exclusively addressed to a specific group of kids.

Rezvani has used gouache and flat colors to make the artworks intelligible to kids. “A part of the illustrations are made using halftone lines and dots.”

She said ‘Noisy Monsters’ portray a joyful party in which “the scary creatures all show happiness.”

Vasheghani, fellow illustrator, has worked with a more realistic style, creating a totally different atmosphere beside Rezvani’s fantasy works.

“I have presented five frames of a short story, portraying a little girl who likes to travel. She eventually begins her journey and finally cuts her hair, which is what most women do to bring energy and variation into their life,” Vasheghani said.

Her works are water-paint pictures, of feliformia (cat-like) animals created using line frames. Overall, 14 illustrations by Vasheghani have been showcased.

Behnam Daheshpur Charity Organization located in Farmanieh, Tehran, is hosting the exhibition until August 4. A part of the proceeds will be donated to treatment of cancer patients.