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Children Orchestra Album Released

Children Orchestra Album ReleasedChildren Orchestra Album Released

The music album ‘Zire Gonbade Kabud’ (literally, under the sky) by Iran’s Children Orchestra has been released.

The album is a collection of tracks from a memorable concert performed by the music group in 2012, for the benefit of quake-stricken children in Ahar and Varzaqan counties in East Azarbaijan Province.

“The pieces performed in the concert were inspired by ancient Iranian folktales, which are my favorite,” said Sudabeh Salem, orchestra director.

‘Zire Gonbade Kabud’ is the story of a little girl trapped by a giant as a result of a silly mistake. The giant forces her to tell tales. The girl reads stories of ‘Namaki’ (salty), ‘Hassan Kachal’ (bald Hassan) and ‘Naranj-o-Toranj’ - ancient Iranian folk tales. Finally, she escapes from the giant.

Salem loves to create performances in which children are the focus. “Iran’s Children Orchestra plans to organize a special program for the upcoming national children’s day (October 8). We are awaiting the permit.”

The veteran composer claimed that the production of music works for the youth has been growing rapidly in recent years. “Nowadays, parents try their best to meet the cultural-artistic needs of their children.”

Educators should consider the prominent role of music in children’s emotional and cultural growth.

Salem, 61, is a renowned Iranian musician and piano player.

She founded the orchestra to promote children’s music despite numerous obstacles. She has designed and conducted music therapy classes for quake-hit children of Bam and has collaborated with UNICEF.