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Growing Interest in Iranian-Islamic Apparel

Growing Interest in Iranian-Islamic ApparelGrowing Interest in Iranian-Islamic Apparel

Iranian-Islamic clothing was displayed at the First International Festival of the Holy Qur’an mid-July in Moscow.

Iranian designer Beheshteh Sadeghi took part in the week-long festival arranged by the Iranian Embassy’s Cultural Section in collaboration with the Russian Muftis Council.

A section of the show was dedicated to Iranians, showcasing their art and handicrafts along with traditional Iranian-Islamic clothes, Honaronline reported.

Sadeghi said: “I designed 25 sets of women’s apparel including scarves and skirts with the Islamic hijab (veil).” The garments received a great deal of attention and though they were not for sale, visitors evinced keen interest.

She received a commendation plaque from the Iranian ambassador for her work.

“All the designing and production was done in Iran, resulting in beautiful Iranian-Islamic outfits,” she said.

Sadeghi said she was happy to be Iran’s representative at the event, which saw participants from Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

She also acknowledged the role of Emad-eddin Golab, member of Apparel and Fabric Designers’ club, for his contribution in introducing other designers and their designer garments to complete the collection.

Scientific, educational, cultural, artistic and teaching subjects relevant to the Qur’an along with workshops and expert meetings were among the festival programs. But the apparel show captured much attention. “I was asked to co-organize a show with Russian designers at an upcoming festival,” she added.

The overall objective of the Holy Qur’an festival was to promote Qur’anic culture and acquaint Russian Muslims with the holy book and its messages.

Sadeghi has studied painting and interior designing. She learned designing, graphic and fabric printing under the tutelage of great art masters.