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Documentary Reflects Perils of Illegal Migration

Documentary Reflects Perils of Illegal MigrationDocumentary Reflects Perils of Illegal Migration

The documentary ‘Sunken Dreams’ directed by Farshid Akhlaqipur, centering on illegal migration by Iranians to Australia and the hazards they face on their long journey, is ready for screening.

Based on six months of research, the movie is among the latest productions of the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC), and shot mostly in Australia, IRNA reported.

Akhlaqipur traveled to Australia a few years ago to continue his higher education; there he saw plenty of migrants who had taken great risks to illegally enter the country. “Many of them had lost friends and family en route,” he said.

“Migrants embark on a long, dangerous journey in old boats of rotten wood, knowing nothing of the perils ahead,” the director said. Due to ignorance and false information given by human traffickers, “people step on a risky path in their longing for a better life, but few survive the perilous journey.”

Part of the documentary was shot in Indonesia, a country from where illegal migrants often set off for their dreamland.

“The film is more than a mere report and portrays the hardship of unlawful migration to Australia which has become a dream destination for many people; besides facts on the harsh conditions of a migrant’s journey, attention has also been paid to the artistic aspects of a documentary film.”

He plans to show the movie at the 9th Iran International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Cinema Verite, in Tehran (December 13-19) as it is “the best platform for documentarians to showcase their work.”