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Sohrab’s Play, an Internal Monologue

Sohrab’s Play, an Internal MonologueSohrab’s Play, an Internal Monologue

The play ‘Sohrab’s Mise-en-scene Violation’, written and directed by Hamid Dehghani is on stage at Entezami Theatre Hall, Iranian Artists Forum.

The main character, Sohrab Pakzad, is an ambitious person who faces social challenges. Society and his own family impose certain rules of conduct, in contrast to his beliefs. He is defiant and tries to escape.

Theatre director Dehghani said Sohrab is an ordinary person and the “violations take place in his mind because of the pressure imposed from the outside world.” Later, the mental challenges turn into reality, making him an offender of law, Mehr New Agency reports.

When the offence takes place, the president is delivering a speech at the UN. Sohrab’s father wishes for his son to become a president and says so repeatedly. Sohrab’s mother sends him shopping, when a criminal gang attacks and kills him. The rest of the story is a flashback.

“We made efforts to draw the audience into real-life scenarios like accidents at a bus stop or on the road. Pictures of real street scenes create a realistic atmosphere.”

 The show is an integration of objective and subjective narrative styles, based on Sohrab’s imagination. The story is narrated using the “stream of consciousness” (depicting the multitudinous thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind), juxtaposing different times and places; however, the dialogues are realistic.

Shahrooz Delafkar, Hossein Omidi, Hessam Mahmudi, Farzaneh Soheili, Faranak Kalantar, Darab Dadashzadeh and Sima Babai are in the cast.

The play will run until July 31.