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‘Possibilities,’ Figurative Art Display

‘Possibilities,’ Figurative Art Display‘Possibilities,’ Figurative Art Display

Young Iranian painters have launched a group-painting exhibition ‘Possibilities’ at Anahita Art Gallery.

The show includes works by Shahriar Gharai, Golnaz Hosseini and Mehrnaz Dalvandi, all in figurative art, albeit with different styles.

Although all are figurative artists, Hosseini’s ‘Expressionistic’, Dalvandi’s flat figures and Gharai’s abstract perspectives, stylistically have nothing in common, Honaronline reported.

Figurative art describes artwork - particularly paintings and sculptures - that is clearly derived from real object sources, and are therefore by definition representational. Figurative art is often defined in contrast to abstract art.

What has been the focus of the three artists is the distinction in styles and final works, which are based on their attitude towards art. “The moment when a given artist decides to finish his work differs from that of another artist. This difference was of interest to us as it originated in personal experiences,” Gharai said.

“The completion of an artwork happens when the artist’s mental process of creation ends.”

This is one of the reasons for varieties in artistic styles. For some artists like the British figurative painter Francis Bacon, the process of painting was more important than the final work.

An introduction to the exhibition says: “Artists’ exposure to the environment has always been an inspiration for most of their works. Their perceptions of the events together with their own concerns form what the audience will finally see on canvas”.

The exhibition will be open until August 10 at the gallery, no. 3, Shabnam St., Ghaem Magham Ave., Tehran.