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Cheknavarian Presented Portrait at Art Exhibition

Cheknavarian Presented Portrait at Art ExhibitionCheknavarian Presented Portrait at Art Exhibition

Vista Art Gallery in Tehran was packed with artists and art fans on July 24 on the opening day of a painting exhibition by young artist Maral Esfahani.

The highlight of the exhibition was the presence of celebrated Iranian Armenian composer/conductor Loris Cheknavarian. The artist presented Cheknavarian a portrait of him done by her, reports Honaronline.

As one of the leading conductors of his generation, Cheknavarian, 78, has led international orchestras throughout the world: in the UK, the US, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Armenia, Hong Kong, South Africa and Denmark.

As a composer he has written six operas, five symphonies, choral works and concerti for piano, violin, guitar and cello as well as music for documentary and feature films.

His compositions have been performed by major orchestras, including: London Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras, Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra, Strasbourg Percussion Ensemble and English Chamber Orchestra.


Esfahani’s third solo exhibition showcased eight large self-portraits with mystical motifs and 28 smaller paintings.

She has used her own image in large acrylic paintings with an abstract background. The collision of realism used in painting her self-portrait and the abstract setting in which Persian painting elements can be traced, added to the beauty of the works, Honaronline reported.

On the use of Persian motifs, Esfahani said, “My studies in mysticism made me take a different look at Persian paintings. I started utilizing elements used in Iranian classic works.”

In a statement on the theme of her paintings she said: “All my life I have been after fundamental truths of the nature and philosophy of creation; in my quest for the truth I realized I have to make a journey within myself, which is the essence of mysticism. That was just the beginning.”

Esfahani has a master’s degree in paintings from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. Beside her solo exhibitions, she has attended over ten biennials, festivals and group exhibitions and received several prizes.

The exhibition runs till August 3 at No. 11, 12th Alley, Miremad St., Motahari St.