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Prize Winning Play on Know-it-Alls

Prize Winning Play on Know-it-AllsPrize Winning Play on Know-it-Alls

A prize-winning play ‘Guiding the Younger Generation’ directed by Mohammad Montazeri, is on stage at Maktab-e Tehran theatre hall.

The story features the divergent opinion and ideas of four people in a train coach, each representing a different generation. “In fact, the show reflects the culture of present-day modern society,” Mehr news agency reported.

Montazeri said today’s social strata is full of people with “so-called knowledge”.  As a result there is much paradox, as people go about claiming “to know everything.” Many people claim wisdom; however, in reality they merely have superficial knowledge, he noted.

Visually challenged, Montazeri has been directing play reading sessions and radio theatre for long, and “this is my first professional performance as a director.”

The play had earlier been performed at the University Theatre Festival and in reading sessions. Despite the special settings required, he took it on stage.

Montazeri conveys the concepts of the story to the audience through different visual frames and a unique setting. “The atmosphere portrays the mental images. It is the most important element of the show, which needs understanding of the mood of the dialogue rather than vision, to be appropriately perceived.”

The play, authored by Jalal Tehrani, dramaturge and director, earlier won a plaque of appreciation for direction, at the 16th International University Theatre Festival.

Farzin Mohaddes, Behnaz Bostan Doost, Hamid Rahimi and Minoovash Rahimia are in the cast.

It will run through July 31.