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Charity to Provide Shelter

Charity to Provide ShelterCharity to Provide Shelter

The Tehran-based charity ‘Toloo Bi-Neshanha Society’ (Dawn of the Unknown) organized an event recently in support of the homeless with the participation of television and cinema artists, officials from the Iranian Red Crescent Society and the State Welfare Organization.

“The event was promising and helped raise funds for healthcare of 333 homeless women,” Honaronline reported.

Hossein Tala, MP, said: “It is our responsibility to provide healthcare services and shelter for the homeless,” expressing hope that with public cooperation and support, all the homeless will be provided shelters.

Artist Reza Kianian was the guest of honor. Iranians should know that artists are members of a huge family and have a social responsibility. It is wrong to negatively judge the homeless and the needy. “We can hold their hand and lead them out of destitution,” he said.

Following a philanthropic gesture by renowned film director Rakhshan Bani-Etemad  in putting up her Asia Pacific Screen Award (APSA) won for her movie ‘Tales’ for auction, to support homeless people, other artists are following suit and auctioning their awards to help raise funds for the construction of shelters for the homeless.

Kianian, a veteran actor, painter, sculptor and set designer said he plans to auction two of his awards. One is the Fajr International Film Festival award and the other that was conferred on him at the House of Cinema Festival for his role in the film ‘A House Built on Water’.

Three former Soviet cosmonauts, including Aleksandr Pavlovich Aleksandrov, also joined the charity movement for the homeless.

Negotiations were conducted with the Tehran Municipality to allocate a building to the charity, and name it ‘Charity Movements Building’, Kianian said.

‘Dawn of the Unknown’ is a NGO and non-political organization founded in 2009. It aims to help vulnerable sections of the society. The charity’s activities cover identifying, treatment, shelter, training and employment of the underprivileged and help return them to a life of normalcy.