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‘Utopia’ on Display

‘Utopia’ on Display‘Utopia’ on Display

An exhibition of paintings titled ‘Utopia’ by Kambiz Khodabandeh-Shahraki is underway at Hoor Art Gallery.

The show includes 60 works created in the past decade, Honaronline reported.

The word ‘Utopia’ finds mention beside his signature in almost all the paintings. “This is to show integrity in my works. I try to portray an ideal world in the paintings,” he said.

The artist has used mixed-media techniques to create the collection.

“I utilized different materials depending on the subject.” Oil paint, acrylic dyes, markers and pens are among them, he said.

As different letters are the building blocks of a word and the words build up sentences to convey messages in every language, in his paintings, elements such as cars, butterflies, people and buildings are the small units that create meaning which Khodabandeh tries to convey to the audience.

“In fact, I aim at portraying a better world to live in. I wake up every morning in my imaginary world and live in it to be able to depict it as best as I can.”

The colors, he says, are influenced by his mood. Simple forms and raw hues create warmth and joy in his artworks.

The collection is on show at the gallery in Motahari Ave. Tehran, until August 3.