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Comedy Films Stay Atop

Comedy Films Stay AtopComedy Films Stay Atop

The Iranian cinema industry is said to have progressed in different genres but comedy films continue to remain a top attraction for film buffs.

The high sales of movies ‘The Whale’, ‘Iran Burger’ and ‘The Ice Age’, prove the point.

Screened in March, ‘Iran Burger’, directed by Masoud Jafari Jozani, showed that the taste of filmgoers has not changed. The movie fetched $1.6 million during 103 days guaranteeing its success, 7Sobh daily reported.

‘The Whale’ also enjoyed similar success. Directed by Saman Moqaddam and starring Reza Attaran, well-known comedian of Iran TV and cinema, Mahnaz Afshar and Vishka Asayesh, the comedy film grossed over $1.3 million in just 52 days and found a place among the box-office hits this year.

Mostafa Kiai’s ‘The Ice Age’, won the Crystal Simorgh for editing at the 33rd FIFF. It is a compelling social thriller and chronicles the story of individuals in a nonlinear narrative, which did well at the box office. The movie earned $200,000 during its 18-day screening.

Among all, ‘Guinness’ stands out. A comedy, featuring Mohsen Tanabandeh and Reza Attaran, both famous for their comedies on TV and cinema. Tanabandeh’s first directing work did well due to the cast and the genre.

The film attracted a huge number of fans to cinemas, with ticket sales reaching an unprecedented $100,000 on the opening day. It is now playing in over 90 cinemas country- wide taking the sales to new levels among the top movies. It has earned $450,000 in 18 days.

Thirty cinema theaters were listed as the top sellers of movies this calendar year (started March 21). Kourosh cineplex, located in Bagh-e-Feyz, Tehran, ranked first in the list, attracting the highest number of filmgoers in the first three months of the current year and earning an average monthly income of $260,000.

Cinema Azadi, in Shahid Beheshti Avenue, earned $190,000 and took second place. Hoveizeh and Mellat Cinemas are ranked third and fourth in the list respectively.