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Qur’an Interpretation in Russian

Qur’an Interpretation in RussianQur’an Interpretation in Russian

The first interpretation of the Qur’an in Russian titled ‘Noor Al-Qur’an,’ was unveiled on the third day of the first edition of the International Qur’an Festival in Moscow.

The work has been published in 12 volumes by Russia’s Foundation of Islamic Studies, IQNA reported.

 A “Qur’an Tablet” produced by the representative of Al-Mustafa International University in Russia, was also unveiled at the festival’s official opening ceremony on July 13 with the participation of political, cultural and academic figures in the Islamic Center of Moscow.

Iran’s Cultural Attaché to Moscow Reza Maleki spoke on the objectives of the festival. The week-long international Qur’anic event includes various sections such as ‘Qur’an and art’, ‘Qur’an animation, and cinema’ and ‘Qur’anic software.’

A group of Iranian Qur’an reciters and memorizers also performed Tawasheeh (religious choral singing).

The participants visited different pavilions and sections of the festival, including Russia’s Foundation of Islamic Studies, Al-Mustafa International University, Noor Computer Research Center and the National Library of Russia.