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Traditional Men,Women’s Wear to Be Showcased

Traditional Men,Women’s Wear to Be ShowcasedTraditional Men,Women’s Wear to Be Showcased

Works of eight Iranian designers will be showcased at a program organized under the auspices of ‘Darab Fashion Week’ from July 19, at Tehran’s Esteghlal hotel.
Atela fashion group will stage the show on Iranian traditional women’s wear, evening dresses, manteaus and other artistic creations. Casual outfits and suits are included in the men’s collection, Honaronline reported.
All the fashionistas are young and talented who may not hold a higher education degree, but have experience in designing clothes.
Mahan Farrokhmehr, CEO of DFW, said such shows will be extended to other cities besides Tehran. “We are ready to hold the event on international standards.”
DFW’s next season is in October and the programs will include other than fashion, ‘Darab Art Week’ and ‘Darab Voice Week’, Farrokhmehr said. “We seek to identify young talent in these interrelated art fields and provide them with opportunities to showcase their work.”
The audience will be professionals as the show is not for entertainment, but rather a contribution to future work in the field.
Fashion has continued to develop in Iran despite changes in lifestyles and customs. Perhaps no institute is able to meet the demands like Darab, which is holding the fashion week to display local dressing trends.
With an innovative approach to the clothing industry, Darab is a designer of special events and conferences in the field. It follows international professional designers to create novel and diverse ideas by adapting Iranian-Islamic style in designs.
Referring to the institute’s experience in holding shows overseas, Farrokhmehr said the DFW complies with international criteria and standards, getting financial support from its sponsors to promote talented Iranian designers globally.