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First Int’l Qur’an Fest in Russia

First Int’l Qur’an Fest in RussiaFirst Int’l Qur’an Fest in Russia

The International Festival of the Holy Qur’an is being held for the first time in Russia by Iran’s Cultural Attaché Office in Moscow in collaboration with the Russian Muftis Council.

The week-long festival began on Saturday (July 11) in the presence of representatives from Iran, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan at the Islamic Center of Moscow, the Public Relations Office of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization reported.

Scientific, educational, cultural, artistic and teaching subjects relevant to the Qur’an along with workshops and expert meetings are on the agenda.

The overall objective of the festival is to promote Qur’anic culture and acquaint Russian Muslims with the holy book and its messages.

Displaying Qur’anic research potentials and activities in the Russian Federation, highlighting Qur’anic experiences and capacities of Iran and encouraging Islamic organizations and Muslims to organize Qur’anic activities are among the objectives.