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Int’l Music Trio to Perform at Vahdat Hall

Int’l Music Trio to Perform at Vahdat HallInt’l Music Trio to Perform at Vahdat Hall

A free music performance by a trio of international musicians will be staged at Vahdat Hall on October 9 and 10.

Ramin Sadighi, Director of Hermes Records, which is hosting the event, told Honaronline that Klaus Gesing, bass clarinet player, Samuel Rohrer, drums player, and Bjorn Meyer, guitar bass player, who also performed at the Fajr Music Festival last year, are well-known global musicians. Meyer and Gesing are members in the band of Anouar Brahem, Tunisian Oud player and composer, and Rohrer plays with Brederode, Dutch pianist, who were both present at the Fajr festival as well. The festival provided a meeting ground for the trio to come up with the idea of the upcoming performance.

 Style and Content

Sadighi said last year in Tehran, the artists discussed a joint performance and ideas on the texture of the music “which moves from composed music towards improvisation.” Rehearsals commenced at the festival and they chose the title ‘Open Source’ for their performance.

Less than a year since the trio began, they had performances in Austria and Switzerland.

Pointing to the content of their music, he said “it is based on a certain structure which later develops into a live performance. The move towards improvised playing directly depends on the ability of each player.”


Sadighi further said that ECM, a major German music company working on avant-garde music, is the producer of Brahem’s works. It also produces the art works of the trio throughout the world. In Iran, though, all their programs are sponsored by Hermes Records.

The program is part of a series of events celebrating the record company’s 15th anniversary of establishment.

He also explained about the background of the artists: “Each of them has been on the road for many years with renowned musicians and is somewhere in the realm between jazz, world music, chamber music, improvisation and completely new music.”

 Swedish Bjorn Meyer - longtime bass player of Nik Baertsch‘s Ronin, founder of Swedish Trip-folk Trio Bazar Bla, player at Asita Hamidi‘s Bazaar - is since 2008 a steady member of the quartet of Tunisian Oud virtuoso Anouar Brahem.

German Samuel Rohrer – is a widely sought after drummer/percussionist touring with his own projects, and musicians like Peter Herbert, Wolfert Brederode, Claudio Puntin, Frank Mobus, Skuli Sverrisson, Vincent Curtois and others of the European Improvised Music scene.

Klaus Gesing, a Swiss, can be often heard with the quartet of Brahem. Since 2008, he has been extensively playing and recording with the English Jazz-icon Norma Winstone, has a duo with English pianist Gwilym Simcock and the American eastern percussion specialist Jarrod Cagwin.