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Sound of Ghadir by Ashiks

Sound of Ghadir by AshiksSound of Ghadir by Ashiks

Tehran is to host the 1st International Festival of ‘Sound of Ghadir’ with a number of great ethnic musicians and singers from Asian countries.

Director of Music Center of Art and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality Babak Raboukheh told MNA that the music festival will be held on the occasion of Ghadir. Observed by Shia Muslims, Ghadir is a celebration of the appointment of Imam Ali (AS) by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as his successor.

The artists will also present the roots of religious music on the issue of Ghadir and introduce folk music of their respective regions.

Ashik is a mystic bard whose song is accompanied by a long-necked lute (saz). The word Ashik means lover in Arabic language.

Ethnic musicians and singers from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, and Iran will perform at the Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran on October 12.

Caption: Ashik musicians playing ‘saz’.