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Int’l Cartoon Festival Winners

Int’l Cartoon Festival WinnersInt’l Cartoon Festival Winners

In the closing ceremony of the first International Cartoon Festival of al-Quds Day, held on October 6, the winners of the main and special sections were awarded.

A total of 546 works from 33 countries took part in the festival. Close to 372 works were presented in the main section, on the subject of al-Quds. The special section, on Takfiri movements to divert attention from the issue of Palestine, included 174 cartoons, IRNA reported.

The jury committee announced 9 works in each section as the final winners.

The first winner of the main section Majid Davoodi was awarded $1500 and a commendation plaque. Raymond Valdez from Brazil, ranked 2nd, received one Azadi gold coin and a commendation plaque. The third prize went to Ali Mirzaei who got a half Azadi gold coin together with a commendation plaque. Some other artists were also appreciated at the event.

Some political figures along with artists from Iran and abroad attended the closing ceremony held at the Palestine Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran.