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Int’l Green Film Festival Back After 8-Year Hiatus

Int’l Green Film Festival Back After 8-Year HiatusInt’l Green Film Festival Back After 8-Year Hiatus

The 5th International Green Film Festival, centering on water and water scarcity in the country, will call for submissions by the end of July so that the festival resumes in Tehran after an eight-year hiatus.

The festival is part of the national movement to help preserve ecological systems and draw people’s attention to the country’s deteriorating environment while raising awareness on conservation, festival secretary Farhad Tohidi told ISNA.

“Applicants may submit short films taken with their cell phones focusing on the environment and issues dealing with ecological destruction and protection. The length of the films must be less than three minutes,” he said.

In addition, a group of artists active in different areas will be appointed within the next few weeks in the role of environment ambassadors. An exhibition of visual artworks on environmental protection will also be held on the sidelines.

Selected films will be screened in the all 31 provinces in collaboration with the Department of Environment offices in each province, he said. “At first we had scheduled the event for December, but later we decided to slate it on the International Earth Day in April. The date will be announced soon”.

The festival is sponsored by the Department of Environment, but there are plans to hold the fifth edition in collaboration with the private sector.

Mahnaz Mazaheri, education and research deputy at the DoE, suggested that the festival be supervised by the department, Tohidi said.

Environment conservation is not possible by the government alone and should be supported by the public and NGO’s have a crucial role in this regard, he added.