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Colorful Feast of Flowers

Colorful Feast of FlowersColorful Feast of Flowers

The 6th Seasonal Exhibition of Flowers and Plants and Autumn Flowers Festival is scheduled to be held in Goftogu Park, Tehran from October 20 – 24.

Deputy for Urban Services at Tehran Municipality (TM) Mojtaba Abdollahi said the exhibition is free for the public like in the previous years.

Promoting the culture of growing and using flowers and plants among the citizens is one of the purposes of the expo, MNA quoted Abdollahi as saying.

Encouraging public participation in increasing urban green spaces, protecting the environment, and introducing a variety of flowers and plants from both within and outside the country are other features of the exhibition.

As Abdollahi puts it, introducing and supporting domestic flowers producers by the TM can help the business flourish.

This year the exhibition will display different houseplants, outdoor plants and cut flowers. Also manufacturers of agricultural and horticultural tools and supplies will present their products.

The flower exhibition is an annual event hosted by the municipality.