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Expatriate’s Unique Moments in Photo Show

Expatriate’s Unique Moments in Photo ShowExpatriate’s Unique Moments in Photo Show

A photo collection ‘Manifestations of a Dreamland’ by expatriate Iranian photographer Ali Farboud is underway at Tehran’s Aun Art Gallery. The photos were taken during his four-year trip to different regions of Iran.

Kerman Province’s Yardang (streamlined protuberance carved from bedrock), Turkmen Sahra, Azarbaijan, Yazd, Sistan-Baluchestan, Qeshm, Hormuz Island and Tabas are the focus of his photography.

“I have taken photographs of the places I visited. However, my perspective is of a viewer who has not seen his native land for more than four decades,” Farboud said. He has included cultural elements in his pictures and haunting unique moments not seen before, Honaronline reported.

“I take photos with an artistic view, emphasizing on light as a crucial element.”

It is his first exhibition in Iran. ‘Manifestations of a Dreamland’ will be published as a photo book in the US, he added.

The exhibition will run through July 8 at the gallery at No. 40, Seoul St., Vanak.

  Pushing Boundaries

Farboud discovered his artistic talent early in life. Son of a diplomat, he grew up in Europe and traveled extensively. Photography seemed natural “to capture the moments in his travels.” At his first show in Berlin, critics praised his distinctive photographic style: “He paints with his camera,” they said.

Known for his conceptual and environmental portraits that capture unique moments, he says what inspires him most is “taking in all the pieces of the puzzle, pushing creative boundaries and coming up with amazing images.”

With degrees in art history (American College in Paris), photography (Rochester Institute of Technology) and film (New York University), his approach to each creative expression “is with absolute control of every detail from developing the scene to controlling each precise nuance of light.”

With his extensive background in the Los Angeles’s film industry he has honed his lighting skills as well as developed a unique approach to handling all types of jobs. He can orchestrate complex setups and yet be unobtrusive to capture candid moments. National photographic magazines have published articles on Farboud’s expertise in lighting and design.

The Ali Farboud Photography Company has branches in Los Angeles, London and Tehran. It is a “fully equipped mobile studio capable of handling projects of any size.” With more than 15 years experience in the fields of corporate, industrial and commercial photography, he travels extensively to photograph people, lifestyles and destinations for a variety of national and international clients.

The consistent level of high production that Farboud and his team brings to every shoot, has earned him many loyal clients.

“With 13 years experience as chief lighting technician of feature films and TV movies, I bring to a photo shoot the same glamour and flair. As a conceptual photographer I can create a visionary tableau,” he adds.