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Reading Plan for Toddlers, Infants

Reading Plan for Toddlers, InfantsReading Plan for Toddlers, Infants

The Research Institute of Children’s Literature History is now targeting infants and toddlers in its latest program, following four years of the ‘Read With Me’ plan in deprived areas.

The institute is planning to educate and train mothers with toddlers in the ‘Reading for Children and Infants’ program in Hasseh district, Isfahan Province, ISNA reported.

The one-year program will also cover pregnant women besides mothers with toddlers and teach them how to follow up on the reading process for their kids.

Experts say the reading habit should start from the early years of life, with parents playing a crucial role. A child’s reading habit in later years is influenced by the number of words he/she hears in infancy.

Under the first package of the program, reading books, two sponge cubes and a paper book series is given to the participants by the Deprived Children’s Enablement Fund, financed by the institute.

The research institute is a non-government organization established by activists of the Children’s Book Council and cultural sponsors and researchers on the history of children’s literature. The institute collects data and undertakes research on documents in the field.

It seeks to contribute in raising a creative and well-informed generation and to build a culture of children’s literature in society.