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Exhibition Challenges Luxurious Weddings

Exhibition Challenges Luxurious WeddingsExhibition Challenges Luxurious Weddings

An exhibition of paintings by a young artist Samaane Vafaie titled ‘Invitation to a Wedding Ceremony’ was recently on display at Tehran’s Azad Art Gallery, with the theme on social issues.

The painter drew attention to the superficiality of lavish wedding ceremonies. “What is happening on the surface is far different from the truth hidden beneath,” she said, MNA reported.

Imagine a wedding ceremony where the bride and groom celebrate the beginning of their life together with family and friends. Naturally the event should be a happy one.

“However, many of the ceremonies are not joyful. It is an occasion where the bride and groom superficially love each other, where beautiful clothes and shoes hurt the body and feet and the wedding cake is larger than the number of guests. In the end, judgments cast a dark shadow over the seemingly joyous event,” Vafaie said.

The paintings reflected “these pretensions and contradictions rooted in social norms.” She said as a child, whenever she attended a wedding ceremony she had a question in mind. Why relatives of the newly-weds seemed unfriendly towards each other.

All the merry smiles are merely a mask people put on when together, while they shed it in their solitude and start nagging and gossiping about the event. “So in my works there is a little girl, representing myself, watching the occasion, witnessing all the pretensions,” Vafaie noted.

“Such attitudes are ultimately harmful to other aspects of social interaction.” In her works she has exaggerated the colors, faces and foods to challenge the luxurious ceremonies so that the audience can understand the concept.

In her next exhibit, she said she would like to work “on the wide gap between people in modern society.”

Besides painting, Vafaie has also acted in a couple of movies and plays. “Initially I was a painter then I entered the acting field. I assume art is one language which can be uttered through different ways. The importance lies on how the art is presented, though the medium can be cinema, theater or visual arts.”

Born in Tehran, Vafaie, 27, is a graduate of painting from Alzahra University. Her works have been showcased in several solo and group exhibitions. ‘Fish & Cat’, ‘Night, Outside’ and ‘Return’ are the movies she has performed in.