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8 Iranian Entries in Columbia Gorge Int’l Film Festival

8 Iranian Entries in Columbia Gorge Int’l Film Festival 8 Iranian Entries in Columbia Gorge Int’l Film Festival

Eight Iranian films will be participating in the eighth edition of the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (CGIFF) 2015 in the US.

They comprise short films ‘Elegy’ written and directed by Yousef Karegar from Urumia, ‘Blue Eyed Boy’ by Amir Masoud Soheili from Mashhad, ‘The Descendants’ and ‘My Heart’ by Yaser Talebi from Mazandaran Province, ‘The Illusion’ by Mohammadreza Hanfi, ‘Ant’ and ‘Peace’ by Hassan Najmabadi, and a long film ‘Oblivion Season’ by Abbas Rafei from Tehran.

CGIFF takes place August 6-16 every year in California. It showcases a variety of local, national and international films, aiming to share a broad range of films representing current affairs and relevant topics that affect communities. Films will be judged on the merits of creativity, ingenuity, story, attention to detail and the ability to challenge people and trigger their emotions.

This year, the festival is sponsored by the Angelica Foundation and the US, England, Russia, Brazil, India, Sweden, Korea and Spain are participating, ILNA reported.

The festival will give away over $25,000 in cash and other prizes.

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Meanwhile, ‘Elegy’, ‘Blue Eyed Boy’, ‘Junk Girl’ directed by Mohammad Zare’ and Shalaleh Kheiri, and ‘The Sound Of The Road’ by Rozan Rostami, entered the third round of the second Gwinnett Center International Film Festival (GCI).

It takes place every year July 31-August 2 in Duluth, Georgia

‘Elegy’ is a joint effort by Iran and Azerbaijan. The drama tells the story of an old man who has been waiting for the return of his lost son for 25 years.

‘Blue Eyed Boy’ depicts the life of a boy with unusual color blindness causing his parents remorse when he accidentally kills some village livestock.  His parents seek medical treatment for the boy, and when doctors cannot help, they take him to a local shaman for a remedy.

‘Junk Girl’ is a fiction animation about a girl who is made of garbage and her adventure to grow beyond her misfortune.

‘The Sound Of The Road’ is about a child torn between choosing a parent after they get divorced.

The GCI celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of films produced and funded independently. It showcases a unique blend of local, national and international films including short and feature films of all genres and styles.