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21,000 Titles at Qur’an Exhibition

21,000  Titles at Qur’an Exhibition21,000  Titles at Qur’an Exhibition

A total of 210 stands displaying 21,000 book titles have been established at Tehran’s 23rd International Qur’an Exhibition this year, director of sales at the exhibition Rajab-Ali Salarian said.

“The book titles on Qur’an and Islamic sciences have been displayed by local and foreign publishers.” Close to 17,000 book titles are domestic and 4,000 belong to the international section, he said, IQNA reported.

Pointing to the huge interest in the exhibition, Salarian said: “About 21 foreign publishers from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt are participating. Topics presented this year have been prepared, arranged and published since 2011.”

The event runs till July 17 at the Sacred Defense Garden Museum in the northern part of central Tehran. The 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war is referred to as Sacred Defense in Iran.