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‘State of Happiness’ in Veteran Painters’ Works

‘State of Happiness’ in Veteran Painters’ Works‘State of Happiness’ in Veteran Painters’ Works

A group exhibition featuring “different states of happiness” in 17 artworks was launched at Tehran’s Seyhoun Art Gallery by Sepand Painters Group.

The group ‘Sepand’, (literally: sacred and pure) was founded four years ago when painters Ahmad Nasrollahi, Khalil Samaei-Jablou and Mohammad Azamzadeh got together to start joint art activities.

“We also maintain our individual space so as not to be influenced by each other’s works,” said Azamzadeh, reports honaronline.

His six paintings, featured at the event, are composed of a huge number of dots, illustrating the pre-Islamic era art style and include positive and negative moods. “I have tried to create nostalgia from rural nature in the paintings.”

Artworks by Nasrollahi were created between 2013 and 2014. His works are symbolic and rooted in myths. “A painter needs imagination and he can find it in music and myths,” he said. Today, our lives are full of symbols and abstracts, which attract the attention of the artist.

Samaei has exhibited his works, created in 2014 and later, that include elements such as maps, symbolizing “the world we live in.”  No matter in what language the maps are prepared, they enjoy universality, he said.

Social issues are also reflected in his paintings. Happiness and all things that people like, such as music, are elements found in his works.

The exhibition will run through July 1 at Seyhoun Art Gallery, No. 11, 4th St., Vozara Avenue.


Ahmad Nasrollahi, 64, has studied experimental education in painting under the supervision of renowned painters Ali-Akbar Safaeyan and Bahram Alivand.

He has held solo exhibitions annually at Seyhoun Art Gallery since 1989 and is the supervisor of Azad Painters Group. He also manages the Blue Gallery in Babol and runs a workshop on children’s art.

Khalil Samaei-Jablou, 49, a member of the Painting Department of Vocational and Technical School, has held solo exhibitions in Seyhoun, Afrand, laleh, Hajm-e Sabz, Khaneh Doost galleries and at the Ardebil Culture House and Babolsar Culture House.

His works have featured in international exhibitions such as Palace Venice 2010 in Italy, Total art Gallery 2009 in Dubai and Columbia University in the US in 2009.

Mohammad Azamzadeh, assistant professor at the faculty of arts and architecture in the University of Mazandaran, has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Iran and abroad. He was conferred two honorary diplomas from the Art University of Tehran in 1995 and 1992.

He was selected as a distinguished painter in the biannual exhibition at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in 1998 and distinguished researcher at the Art and Architecture College of the University of Mazandaran in 2013.