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Puppet Show at Milad Tower

Puppet Show at Milad TowerPuppet Show at Milad Tower

‘Iranian Children, Iranian Dolls’ Festival was held in Tehran’s Milad Tower on October 5.

Organized in cooperation with Jame-Jam TV Network, the festival started in the evening in the tower’s open area and continued until after midnight, ISNA reported.

A number of big and small dolls and puppets of famous folklore and TV characters such as ‘Amoo Nowruz’ (Uncle New Year) and his wife, Mobarak, Pahlevan Kachal (Bald Hero), and Kolah Ghermezi (Red Hat) and his friends entertained the children attending the event.

At a part of the festival, a group of children from Delijan city, Markazi Province, performed a concert, singing songs from old TV puppet shows like Khuneye Madarabozorge (Granny’s House).

The purpose of the program was to encourage the culture of using Iranian dolls among children.