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Int’l Sport Firms to Exhibit New Products

Int’l Sport Firms to Exhibit New ProductsInt’l Sport Firms to Exhibit New Products

This year’s edition of the International Exhibition of Sport and Sport Equipment (SPORTEX),  October 8 to 11 at Imam Khomeini Mosalla grounds, Tehran, will host the biggest and most prestigious companies, factories, and producers to present their new products.

Organized by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Sellers Association and Sporting Goods Manufacturers Society, the 13th SPORTEX attempts to focus on sports events in Iran. Promotion of public sports and championships, expansion of facilities, and presenting the latest achievements and technologies in the field are among the features of the exhibition. Moreover, it pays special attention to the development of sports in schools. It also tries to introduce the advancement in sport equipment and creates a competitive situation for quality improvement.


Corresponding with the exhibition, a conference and four workshops will be held in which officials and experts from Iran and foreign countries will participate.

An area of 10,000 sq. meters has been dedicated to the companies and manufacturers from 15 foreign countries as well as Iran to exhibit their newest products and services. Germany, Spain, France, Japan, England, Holland, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Kuwait, Indonesia, Bulgaria, China and South Korea are attending the exhibition.

This year, athletic shoes and sportswear; sports equipment for individual and team sports; medical equipment and dietary supplements; and so on will be on display.