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Qasr Museum to Host Architecture Art

Qasr Museum to Host Architecture ArtQasr Museum to Host Architecture Art

The Qasr Garden Museum will host architectural art to preserve Iran’s rich historical identity and the museum will promote other cultural exhibitions and events as well, said manager of Qasr Garden, Hossein Hooshyar, at a press conference.

The museum and Iran’s Architecture Noteworthies Foundation have collaborated to hold felicitation ceremonies for prominent Iranian architects. “We are seeking an agreement with Mirmiran Institute of Architecture to further extend our cultural programs,” he said, reported Honaronline.

The museum enjoys immense potential to create and host various art groups as “a permanent cultural and art base,” Hooshyar said, calling for artists’ cooperation.

Transferring Qasr prison documents and identifying and purchasing artworks belonging to the museum are programs on the agenda that will contribute to the museum’s enrichment.

“To remind ourselves of our rich cultural heritage and revive the memorable atmosphere of ancient Tehran, a retro theme will be simulated using state-of-the-art equipment and media.”

He announced that a virtual tour had been unveiled and the website is now officially operating. Enthusiasts can take an online tour of the museum at the website



Originally designed and built as a prison in 1790 by Russian architect Markov, the structure had 192 rooms for 700 prisoners.

The prison was handed over to Tehran Municipality’s Cultural Spaces Organization in 2008 for a garden and museum. It is now a 12-hectare garden museum with classical and traditional sections in culture and tourism.

 The redesigning of Qasr to a museum garden was assigned to Pooya Mehr Software Company. More than 59 artists of visual arts including sculptures, paintings, graphics and photography as well as domestic and foreign contractors cooperated in advanced digital technology, lighting, video and sound.

Qasr Museum Garden officially started its operation in 2012 as a Persian outdoor garden museum with a diversity of plants and pleasant atmosphere for visitors.