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Bubbles Create Paintings

Bubbles Create PaintingsBubbles Create Paintings

A young, talented Iranian artist has created a unique painting style in a combination of science and art, using ink and soap bubbles.

Emad Dolatshah said, “The idea first triggered in my mind when I was passing by a vendor who was selling bubble makers. I saw people’s faces through the pretty, transparent bubbles floating in the air and was inspired to create a unique technique in painting.”

Combining dye and soap, he created a fluid color which had the properties of soap. “I used an airbrush with adjusted air pressure to create color bubbles in different sizes,” he said, adding that it is a very time consuming work. At times a painting should be recreated several times. An A4 size painting takes about 4 hours for the bubbles to pop on the paper.”

Dolatshah described his work as entertaining reminiscent of his childhood days. “Viewers often think that my paintings are watercolors, but with careful observation, they smell the fragrance of soap and see the traces of popped color bubbles.”

On the prerequisites of style, he said determining the proportion of soap and dye should be exact.

Dolatshah has created three art styles namely painting and gilding on birds’ feathers, paintings with living cells, and the latest unique bubble style.