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Online Art Center Launched

Online Art Center LaunchedOnline Art Center Launched

The academic material provided by art students for their thesis will now be available online through a collaborative effort between the Spiral Design Center (SDC) and the Learn Art website.

Dissertations on final term projects on electronic art techniques by students of visual arts at the University of Science and Culture will be published online, said the public relations office of the SDC. “This is the first online source of art information compiled by the students,” said Hamed Bidi, art professor at the university.  As a rule, the academic papers are partly presented to the faculty and practically not useful, while they can be uploaded to virtual space as a complete data base for public use.

“The students learned how to present academic material via multimedia software and were asked to provide text, photos and videos related to art during the new course using software in art education,” Bidi said. They also were taught the required skills for updating and administrating a website on art education.

The students’ creativity was stimulated by the Internet during the introduction of online art services and start ups. “World Wide Web usually has a passive use for students, who sometimes copy and present the information as their own articles.” He hoped that students and even professors stop inappropriate usage.

Learn Art website,, is a joint effort of the SDC and art students. Over 40 art techniques, including 5 to 10 chapters each, were uploaded to the website in the first phase. Every student is provided with a user panel and the possibility to share articles written by them.