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Milad Tower Hosts ‘Barkhani’ During Ramadan

Milad Tower Hosts ‘Barkhani’ During RamadanMilad Tower Hosts ‘Barkhani’ During Ramadan

Tehran’s Milad Tower is holding a series of ‘barkhani’ or traditional style of Iranian storytelling, during the holy month of Ramadan which commenced on Thursday.

Movie stars and renowned stage and screen actors are performing the ‘barkhanis.’

The barkhani style is rooted in Persian folklore, in which epic or satirical stories are read aloud for the audience.

Traditional storytelling is part of the upcoming Shahr-e Khoda (city of God) Festival, during which ancient rituals are to be performed, the organizers announced in a press release on Friday, reports tavoosonline.

Actor Mahmud Azizi, who gave the first performance, called the initiative “a good program to revive traditional ceremonies.”

“Ramadan used to be a time for cultural and social interaction. In olden days, people used to gather in teahouses to meet and talk about their problems,” Azizi said.

“Such traditional performances are part of our identity that should be revived under the auspices of the cultural officials”. They help the youth to become familiar with their venerable traditions and culture, he added.

Mohsen Tanabandeh, Parviz Purhosseini, Borzu Arjmand and Behnush Bakhtiari are among the actors who will perform over the next few nights.

The festival will run until the end of Ramadan (July 18).