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‘Melograno’ Collection From Florence to Isfahan

‘Melograno’ Collection From Florence to Isfahan‘Melograno’ Collection From Florence to Isfahan

Tehran’s Aun Gallery is hosting a painting collection by Italian and Iranian artists.

Titled ‘Melograno’ (pomegranate), the collection is a cooperative effort of five Italian painters and a young Iranian artist Golnar Dashti, all graduates of the Florence Academy of Art, Honaronline reported.

Pointing to the similar environments of Florence and Isfahan, Dashti said the artists preferred to work on deserts, villages and architecture of Isfahan Province, although the themes were optional. A two-month art exhibition will also be launched in Isfahan.

The only artist among the Italians who has worked on Isfahan’s architecture is Vittoria Bagnoli. Miriam Poggiali chose plains and small huts, while Emanuele Greco portrayed thatched houses and Luca Corti deserts. “The painters chose separate topics but coherence can be found in the themes.”

Referring to her works, Dashti said she has prepared a video documentary on Kashan Fin Bath with a voice clip on the friendly conversations of the artists with their family and friends about their visit to Iran. “The conversations are partially translated for the audience.”

Dashti said as the group is eager to continue their work on the ‘Melograno’ project, the exhibition will be organized in different cities of Italy and more paintings will be added to the show.

The Italians were amazed at the enthusiasm of Iranians in art and their weekly visit to galleries. They opined that Iranians are more interested in art compared to people in Florence.

The information on the gallery of artworks by Vittoria Bagnoli, Luca Corti, Golnar Dashti, Stefano Galli, Emanuele Greco and Miriam Poggiali can be found on the website

Launched on June 12, the exhibition will run through June 24.