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Art Show in Ankara

Art Show in AnkaraArt Show in Ankara

A two-week exhibition of Iran-Turkey contemporary arts opened in Ankara on Wednesday in the presence of a large number of artists and visitors.

Nearly 200 works by 85 renowned contemporary artists from Iran and 80 by Turkish artists will be on display for four days, while other works will be open to the public for two weeks.

Iran’s Ambassador Alireza Bigdeli said although the sources of cultural inspiration are common between the two nations, “unfortunately, our understanding of each other’s culture and arts is not at the desirable level,” reports IRNA.

He hoped that the exhibition and other joint cultural activities will help serve as an important step for presenting their culture and arts.

Bigdeli also called on those interested in Iranian culture, arts and literature to travel and get acquainted with Iran’s culture and arts.

Nafiz Kaya, deputy mayor of Cankaya, a central metropolitan district in Ankara, said it was an honor for his municipality to host the works of prominent artists “of one of the most ancient and important civilizations and cultures of the world.”

Caption: The exhibition poster.