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Shahid Beheshti Metro Station Turns Art Museum

Shahid Beheshti Metro Station Turns Art MuseumShahid Beheshti Metro Station Turns Art Museum

A mobile art exhibition, organized by the Metro Culture House and Sa’dabad Museum complex, is underway at Tehran’s Shahid Beheshti Metro Station.

The event is in four phases each lasting 10 days, and includes masterpieces of several well-known artists, Mehr News Agency reported.

The first phase currently underway has on display copies of miniature paintings and nine ancient clay sculptures by Hossein Behzad.

Hossein Behzad (1894 –1968) was a prominent painter from Tehran. Internationally known, he won many awards including the ‘first class medal’ of the Ministry of Culture in 1949 and the ‘first class medal of international painting’ from Minneapolis in the US in 1958. In 1968 Behzad was conferred honorary professorship by the College of Ornamental Arts.

From June 18-27, the fine art exhibition will display 13 paintings by Safavid and Qajar artists and several European painters namely Salvador Dali, prominent Spanish surrealist painter, sculptor, filmmaker, jewelry designer and writer; Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin, Russian landscape painter and Jules Breton, the 19th-century French realist painter.

The third phase will showcase works of 24 copies of miniature paintings by Mahmoud Farshchian, 85, a master of Persian painting and miniatures.

His masterpieces have been hosted by several museums and exhibitions worldwide. Farshchian is the modernizer of miniatures, an art form first established in ancient Persia and later spread to China and Turkey and other Middle East countries.

Calligraphies by Mir Emad and his followers like Mohammad Hossein Tabrizi will be showcased from July 9-19 in the final phase of the event.

Mir Emad (1554 –1615) is perhaps the most celebrated Persian calligrapher. It is believed that the Nasta’liq style reached its zenith in Mir Emad’s works, which are amongst the finest specimens of Nasta’liq calligraphy and kept in several museums in the world.

The exhibition is open during the subway’s working hours.