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Tabrizi’s Movie Approved for Ramadan Screening

Tabrizi’s Movie Approved for Ramadan ScreeningTabrizi’s Movie Approved for Ramadan Screening

Kamal Tabrizi’s ‘Don’t Get a Reward From the President’ will go on screen instead of ‘A Time to Love’ by Alireza Raisian during the month of Ramadan, based on a new decision by the Guild Council for Public Screenings.

Earlier, Raisian’s film had been selected as one of the new films slated for Ramadan screening.

Tabrizi’s film produced in 2008 was first titled ‘Reward’, but the then head of Cinema Organization did not approve of its public screening. A year later, the cultural minister of the previous government banned the movie, reports ISNA.

The ban, Tabrizi said, was due to the criticism of one of the policies adopted by the former president during his tenure. “We showed it to the (former) president and he agreed with its public screening, however, the head of Cinema Organization did not approve.”

Meanwhile, small revisions were made to the film, and with the support of the current cinema officials, the movie will be screened. It narrates the story of a high ranking official who goes on hajj pilgrimage. The comic incidents he faces are not pleasant but ultimately lead him to experience a spiritual transformation.

Hassan Majouni, Atila Pesyani, Asha Mehrabi, Saber Abar, and the late Ahmad Aghaloo are the actors.

 Other Movies

‘The Ice Age’ by Mostafa Kiaei and ‘Guinness’ by Mohsen Tanabandeh will begin screening in the first week of Ramadan (starts June 18).

Hamed Amrai’s debut feature film ‘Yasin’ will be screened on June 17. A social drama, the movie centers on an Iranian family facing harsh times. Hamid Farrokhnejad, Hengameh Qaziani, Reza Tavakoli and Yousef Moradian are the actors.

Saman Moqaddam’s ‘The Whale’ is currently showing in Iran cinemas and has surpassed ten billion rials ($300,000).

Ahmadreza Darvish’s ‘Hussein Who Said No’, an epic movie on the story of Imam Hussein’s (PBUH) battle in Karbala, is expected to be screened for Eid ul-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, along with Raisian’s film.