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Etemad Gallery to Host Foreign Artists

Etemad Gallery to Host Foreign ArtistsEtemad Gallery to Host Foreign Artists

An exhibition of paintings by six artists from India, the US, Finland and Iran, will be held on June 25 at Etemad Gallery.

The idea of the show was raised by Aneh Mohammad Tatari, Iranian contemporary artist, who attended the International Izmir Biennale Festival 2014 as a member of the jury.

“Meeting many artists at the festival inspired the idea, and I suggested that three participants send their works to Iran,” she said, reports Honaronline.

The show includes paintings by Bhamitta Dazz, Indian artist and winner of the first prize at Izmir Biennale 2014, Sirvio Matti, Finnish artist, American Patricia Bodrich and three Iranian artists including Tatari.

All the foreign artworks received are abstracts, Tatari said noting that the colors Indian and Finnish artists have used are similar to what is used in Iranian art, “so they will seem familiar for the Iranian audience.”

Iranian paintings are mostly naturalistic and figurative, creating a good combination, she said, and hoped visitors would welcome the show.

“The paintings are not big in size, but the show is rich in concepts,” Tatari said. Each artist will display 10 artworks.

 Cultural Link

The exhibition aims at creating a cultural link among artists of different nationalities by featuring their artworks.

Etemad Gallery was established by Mina Etemad, one of the pioneers of contemporary art in Iran in 2002.

The gallery is committed to raising the profile of Iranian contemporary art by featuring emerging and established artists. The works range from abstract to figurative, using innovative techniques and aesthetic styles.

The exhibition is slated from June 25 to July 9.