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Caricatures Go Viral

Caricatures Go ViralCaricatures Go Viral

Instagram is seeing a huge number of visitors to the account of one particular user these days: Majid Khosro-Anjom, a caricaturist whose unique drawings have gone viral in the social media.

With more than 19,000 followers on the social network, Khosro-Anjom’s works are unlike those seen before, Mehr News Agency reports.

“I am not interested in political issues, and work on social subjects or matters of personal interest,” he said.

He came to fame with two distinctive works ‘Fathers’ Day’ and ‘Dust in Khuzestan’.

The latter earned him massive media coverage from news agencies and online societies, prompting a state official to call and thank him for his efforts in raising awareness on Khuzestan’s omnipresent plight.

“My own favorite work is ‘Fathers’ Day’, despite the fact there were problems of plagiarism since I published it without a signature.” He now signs all his works.

  Radio Career

The artist’s works are not limited to creating cartoons. Khosro-Anjom started his radio career with a one-minute program on national radio and went on to become the writer and editor-in-chief of the vastly popular radio show ‘Pause 95’ aired in 2010.

Noting his large following and constant requests for more photos of his work, he said, “I used to photograph my work on my drawing board; it occurred to me once to blend in other three-dimensional items in my photos to make my work stand out.”

The idea was well-received by the masses on Instagram taking his account to a higher level of fame and popularity. He makes use of tools, run-of-the-mill objects around the house, soil, toys, and other photos juxtaposed next to his cartoons to convey a message.

“Cartoon drawing is a major part of my life; I even draw cartoons on the walls of my house if I’m inspired by an impromptu idea”.

Born in Tehran, Khosro-Anjom, 37, is an industrial design graduate of Tehran University of Art.

He was introduced to the world of caricature at the age of 15 from which he could never fully detach.

Khosro-Anjom has participated in various caricature and cartoon contests during his varsity days, including the Olense Kartoenale Cartoon Contest with 780 other Iranians in Belgium.