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Short Film to Compete at Mexican Festival

Short Film to Compete at Mexican FestivalShort Film to Compete at Mexican Festival

Pouria Heidary’s ‘Social Learning Theory’ will participate at Mexico’s FMCEX (World Extreme Film Festival of Veracruz) slated for June 22-27.

The film, in its 8th international screening, will compete as Iran’s only entry in the fiction films section of the festival, MNA reported.

Other participants include Spain, France, Italy, China, Turkey, Lebanon, India, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina and the US.

The short film is about the impact of public executions on young children who watch the proceedings. The film took its inspiration from a true story in which 3 children lost their lives when trying to recreate what they had seen during a public execution, in their childish game.

Previously, Heidary’s short film had been screened in Kansas City Film Festival in 2014 and nominated for the Best Short Film award. It was also screened at the International Children’s Film Festival in Bangladesh and the 2015 Lanzarote Film Festival in Spain.