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‘Routine’ Exhibit at Raj Gallery

‘Routine’ Exhibit at Raj Gallery‘Routine’ Exhibit at Raj Gallery

A group exhibition ‘Routine’ by artists of a different kind, from cinema, music and songwriters, was recently held at Raj Art Gallery in Tehran on its 5th anniversary.

Exhibition curator Niyosha Khatib, visual artist and photographer said: “Routine is a cycle of our daily activities. It is positive as long as it regulates our lives, but will have negative consequences if it turns into a mundane habit.”

In a note to the gallery she said: “An eventful life is considered positive but when life comes to stagnation, it turns into a boring cycle of routine,” Honaronline reported.

The series was a show of “simple, beautiful incidents as inseparable components of life, but they gradually change to wearisome routines. They feature ordinary moments of life through abstract, real and societal styles. They portray real life, subjectively perceived by the artists.”

Pointing to the various definitions of routine, Khatib said: “We asked artists in different fields to express their viewpoints on the title through photography and paintings.” Differences in perspectives are important, so “I decided to invite composers, songwriters, actors, photographers, and painters to depict their points of view”.

Khatib also emphasized that professional differences did not mean low quality of the works displayed. “The participants are better known in other professions but skillful in painting.”

The collection included 7 photos and 5 paintings by Maryam Aghaei, Siavash Emami, Ali Boostan, Mehdi Pakdel, Niyosha Khatib, Elahe Farahmand, Asal Fallah, Yaghma Golrouee and three others in different fields.