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Iran Cinema Certain About Bright Future

Iran Cinema Certain  About Bright FutureIran Cinema Certain  About Bright Future

The public and officials alike should acknowledge the advancements in Iran cinema in the past two years, both in quality and quantity, said Hojatollah Ayoubi, head of Iran Cinema Organization, speaking at the ceremony to honor members of the selection committee, the jury, and organizers of the international section of the 33rd Fajr International Film Festival (FIFF), on Monday (June 7) in Tehran.

Ayoubi pointed to the “optimistic future” for Iran cinema through implementation of different plans. “We will witness busy days this year,” he said. A working group to help make films with the target audience of children and young adults, mostly neglected during the past decade, is actively involved in research and production, MNA reported.

The other urgent issue which needs to be seriously taken into account is curbing piracy in movies (illegal buying and selling of films or downloading them) which is a major national concern.

Ayoubi noted that a majority of films produced and released in the past two years did well suggesting that they have succeeded in attracting a wide range of audiences.

Criticizing some sections of the people “who intentionally close their eyes to the successes and progress” of local cinema, Ayoubi said attempts to misguide people by spreading false information is wrong.

“Those who have created obstacles for Iran cinema are accountable as it is the national cinema that has to pay a heavy price.”


Tributes were paid to the selection committee and jury members of the 33rd FIFF as well as the staff involved in holding the international section. Festival Secretary Alireza Rezadad was honored and head of Cinema Museum Mohammad Heydari was appointed secretary of the next edition of the festival.

Also at the ceremony, 19 prominent cineastes were awarded the first-class art certificate, equal to a doctorate degree, by Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati.

The certificate, signed by Jannati, Minister of Science, Research and Technology Mohammad Farhadi, and president of the Iranian Academy of Arts Mohammd-Ali Moalem-Damghani, is given to artists based on their professional background in any art field.

The artists who were awarded included make-up designer Abdollah Eskandari; film directors Kiumars Pourahmad, Ahmad-Reza Darvish, Khosrow Sinai, Kianoush Ayari and Abolhassan Davudi; actors Jahanbakhsh Soltani and Reza Kinanian; actress Hedieh Tehrani; and producers Manouchehr Mohammadi and Ali Moalem among others.

Jannati recalled the developments in Iran cinema in the last two years and said experience had shown that when cineastes and officials cooperate, they can overcome the problems quickly.

He rued that the initiative of conferring art certificates on artists has taken place so late. “Among the outstanding figures here tonight, there are veteran artists who have been working in cinema, theater, TV, and radio for more than 40 years, and I wonder why they have not been presented with an art certificate earlier,” he said.