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What Books Suit Kids

What Books Suit KidsWhat Books Suit Kids

Experts in children’s literature believe that a good book should be based on ethical values guiding children in making proper decisions in life. By observing this simple principle, authors and publishers can turn the lives of today’s kids to future success stories.

Books should contribute to cultural development through attractive illustrations and content, “so as to deeply influence children’s mind and drive them to achieve life’s goals,” said author Nazanin Tahmasebi.

Besides low production and weak publicity, children’s readership has difficulties accessing books, IRNA reported.

Tahmasebi stressed the “tactful programming” in books for the youth. Parents should introduce suitable books to their kids, encouraging them to read from early childhood.

 She recommended that publication and distribution of books be balanced, adding: “A lot of rural kids are keen enthusiasts of reading, but have no access to their favorite books.”

Kazem Talaei, member of the Cultural Association of Children’s Books Publishers, said: “Books can be introduced at events and ceremonies to have the maximum influence.” Reading habits should be promoted early in children.

Reading makes children gain new insight and adapt their minds to different situations, he said. “Also book discussions and asking kids’ opinions will create inquisitiveness, making them seek more information.”

The authors should add creativity to their writings, publishing material which complies with contemporary issues and contribute to mental development of children. However, this will require support from the cultural authorities’ to lay the groundwork.

In the previous Iranian calendar year (ended March 20), about 11,000 book titles were published for the youth, including 5,000 first editions and 6,000 reprints; 8,000 titles were authored by writers from Tehran and 3,000 by authors from other provinces. The figure includes 489 volumes of translated literature.