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Paris, Dubai Showcasing Iranian Artworks

Paris, Dubai Showcasing Iranian ArtworksParis, Dubai Showcasing Iranian Artworks

Four sculptures by Kambiz Sabri, contemporary artist, are on display together with art works by Iranian, Indian and Chinese artists at 1X1 Gallery in Dubai.

The collection includes Sabri’s puppets, pillows and mirror works which belong to his previous collections and displayed in other exhibitions, Honaronline reported.

Other Iranian artists participating in the show include Puria Arianpur and Kurosh Golnari.

Established in 2006, 1X1 Gallery was mainly set up to follow contemporary Indian art in Dubai. However, over the past years, it has shifted focus to include artists from Pakistan and Iran.

Another collection of Sabri’s sculptures also featured recently in a group exhibition for a month at Nicolas Flamel Gallery in Paris.

The Parisian exhibition was named after one of his works, from the ‘Miniature Houses’ collection, titled ‘Rebirth’. The sculptures in his work were a combination of puppets based on Herat school miniatures, a 15th-century style of miniature painting that flourished in Herat, western Afghanistan, under the patronage of the Timurids dynasty.

The group exhibition included a selection of sculptures, photos and paintings by Iranian artists including Alireza Astaneh, Maryam Barekat, Bozorgmehr Hosseinpur, Azadeh Kia among others.

 Solo in Autumn

Pointing to his next solo exhibition slated for autumn, Sabri said: “I’ve been busy creating statues for a long time.” They are a combination of structuralism and architecture. In fact the statues will feature “aesthetic signs through architectural elements.”

Kambiz Sabri was born in 1967 in Kashan, Iran. He became familiar with the arts during his childhood at the ‘Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults’, where he learned painting. Abdolhossein Pazouki, a university professor in architecture, encouraged him to work in architectural firms. During this period, Kambiz became conscious of his own artistic talents and was accepted with top rank to the Department of Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran.

Coinciding with Sabri’s graduation in 2001, his entry to the Third Sculpture Biennial of Iran was awarded the special jury prize and was consequently purchased for the main archives of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts.

He has continued his career as a sculptor since 2001 and has participated in several art exhibitions. He has taught in art faculties, designed award statuettes for different festivals, managed art exhibitions, and coordinated the Iran Pavilion in the 51st Venice Biennial.