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Art, Culture Help Enhance Amity Among Nations

Art, Culture Help Enhance Amity Among NationsArt, Culture Help Enhance Amity Among Nations

Concurrent with the Nordic Cultural Week in Tehran, the joint Nordic cultural exhibition ‘A Touch of Nordic Art & Culture’ was inaugurated at the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) in Tehran on Saturday (June 6).

The exhibition, organized by the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, is sponsored by Nordic and local companies and the IAF, a press release from the IAF said.

Norwegian Ambassador to Tehran Norheim Aud Lise said, “This is a major event in introducing the art and culture of Nordic countries to Iranians, since our history, similar to Iran, is replete with cultural dialogues and artistic heritage.”

“The present exhibition includes posters, photos, paintings, and sculptures on the themes rooted in the Nordic countries.” Each country has a separate gallery to showcase their relevant artworks.

The Nordic countries are a distinct geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic comprising Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden as well as their autonomous regions (the Aland Islands, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland).

They share much in common in their way of life, history, their use of Scandinavian languages and social structure.

The exhibition opened in the presence of the Nordic ambassadors to Tehran, representatives of the Nordic Council of Ministers, president of the IAF Majid Sarsangi, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as artists and intellectuals.

  Cultural Exchanges

Head of the Supreme Council of the IAF Mohammad Sarir said the first step for communication between nations is through cultural exchanges. “For centuries, Iran has been connected to other countries via cultural exchanges, which has formed the basis for friendship between Iranians and other nations.”

Pointing to the activities of the IAF for almost two decades, Sarir said, “The forum has made efforts to introduce foreign countries’ culture to Iranians and vice versa by organizing exhibitions and meetings in cooperation with embassies in Tehran.”

In the past four years, the IAF has enhanced its international relations and so far held exhibitions of artworks from Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, besides international photograph and poster competitions.

Renowned Finnish nature photographer Kirsi Mackenzie displayed a slide show of his photos taken from across the Nordic region.

Mackenzie has held several exhibitions in Finland as well as other countries and won national and international awards.


Earlier, Sarsangi along with the Nordic ambassadors, at a press conference said: “Art and culture helps build friendship among nations. If we want to have a peaceful world full of love and amity, there is no other way than making use of art and taking advantage of artists.”  

He rued the “limited number of nations Iran communicates with.” This traditional approach should change “as it is vital for us to know that every country, big or small, could prove influential in our cultural diplomacy.”

The IAF is ready to send Iranian artists abroad to represent Iran’s rich art and culture but this requires “the cooperation of the relevant national organizations.”

Pointing to the cultural program ‘A Gallery as Vast as a City’ recently organized in Tehran, Finnish Ambassador Harri Kamarainen called the Nordic exhibition a follow-up to that event in an attempt to familiarize Iranians with the world of art.

The event saw a total of 1,500 billboards in the capital decorated with copies of famous artworks by both Iranian and western artists for 10 days.

Kamarainen also said that Ferdowsi’s epic book of poetry ‘Shahnameh’ (book of kings) has been translated to Finnish so that people in Finland can read “this world literary masterpiece.”

Swedish Ambassador Peter Tejler said, “Despite all the similarities, I would like you to visit the gallery specified to Sweden art and culture to see what distinguishes us from the rest.”

Besides the artworks by Danish artists showcased at the gallery dedicated to Denmark, it also represents works from the Faroe Islands and Greenland, said Danish Ambassador Anders Christian Hougaard.

The event will run until June 16 at the IAF located at south side of Honar Garden, North Mousavi St., Taleghani Ave.