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‘Nicolas Flamel’ Doorway to Iranian Art in Europe

‘Nicolas Flamel’ Doorway to Iranian Art in Europe‘Nicolas Flamel’ Doorway to Iranian Art in Europe

The Contemporary Art Gallery ‘Nicolas Flamel’ in Paris introduces professional Iranian art to Europe, says co-director of the gallery, Hessamodin Khalatbari.

The gallery not only welcomes all forms of artworks by Iranian artists, but also seeks to encourage potential and emerging talent, and is ready to establish cooperation with domestic galleries, Khalatbari said in an interview with Honaronline.

“An autonomous gallery, thanks to the huge sales of artworks,” it is ready to showcase Persian art in different mediums, and has called on Iranian artists to participate in the events scheduled at the gallery,” he said.

“We aim to introduce the rich Iranian culture and art. The gallery is not specifically for paintings, but other artworks too, which can be introduced to foreign enthusiasts and visitors.” The focus is on modernist and contemporary Iranian art but all mediums, including caricatures are welcomed, he noted.

The geographic location of the building, where most of the well-known art shows are held, enables Iranian expatriates and foreign visitors “to become aware of what is happening in Iran’s art world.”

Khalatbari is one of the members of the board of directors and artists. All works displayed are selected by a professional committee.

The art gallery was established in 2008 by Iranian expatriates Fathali Metghalchi and his wife Kimya Derambakhsh. Located in the heart of the Parisian art scene, it is in the historic and trendy neighborhood of ‘the Marais’, just a few steps from the Pompidou Museum. Managed and curated by Metghalchi, Khalatbari and Yassi Metghalchi, the gallery is dedicated to exhibiting and promoting international contemporary artists with a primary focus on Iranian contemporary artists to a global audience.

The gallery has exhibited the works and talents of great masters of Iranian contemporary art Nasrollah Afjei, Kambiz Derambakhsh, Nasser Ovissi, Parviz Kalantari, Iran Daroudi, and also emerging young talents Shahrzad Ghaffari, Amir Shadzi, Anahita Masoudi, and Reza Paknejad.