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Traditional Music to Echo at Cologne Philharmonic Hall

Traditional Music to Echo  at Cologne Philharmonic HallTraditional Music to Echo  at Cologne Philharmonic Hall

Notable Iranian composer Hossein Alizadeh and traditional singer Alireza Ghorbani will perform at Cologne Philharmonic Hall, Germany, in November 2015.

The concert, planned by Cologne Philharmonic Hall, features two Iranian ensembles ‘Hamavayan’ and ‘Zarbahang’ for audiences interested in Persian classical music, MNA reported.

The bands comprise Alizadeh, Ghorbani, Siamak Jahangiri and Saba Alizadeh (Hossein’s daughter). This is the first joint performance by Alizadeh and Ghorbani.

Given the significance of Cologne Philharmonic Hall, one of the most prestigious international music halls, the concert is seen as an important international event for Iran’s music scene.

The hall founded in the city that is famous globally for its University of Music and its musical and instrumental teaching, has been the stage for many great performances by world-famous musicians.

Constructed in 1986, the award-winning hall is one of the best designed modern concert halls in the world. Built in the style of an amphitheater to achieve the most perfect acoustics, the hall has no walls that stand parallel, “so that no undesired echoing can occur.”

Other prominent Iranian musicians Mohammadreza Shajarian and Shahram Nazeri have also performed at the hall.

  European Tour

The German concert will be followed by performances in other European cities.

Born in 1951, Alizadeh studied Composition and Musicology at Berlin University and has taught at the University of Tehran and Tehran Music Conservatory.

He is considered one of the most significant figures in contemporary Persian music, exemplifying excellence in traditional Persian music. He is a master of tar and setar (Iranian traditional instruments).

He has presented a repertoire of his compositions at several international music events and was nominated three times for the Grammy Award.

Ghorbani, born in 1973, is a traditional vocalist who has taken part in several important festivals across the world.

Recently, he performed in Dusseldorf, Germany with Dusseldorf Young Philharmonic Orchestra. He has also won the Sufi award at Pakistan’s International Mystic Music Sufi Festival 2014.