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Insurance Cover for Media Persons

Insurance Cover for Media PersonsInsurance Cover for Media Persons

The insurance cover for journalists and media persons will not be rescinded, said director general of press and domestic news agencies, Hassan Mehrabi.

On the sidelines of the 8th festival of press and news agencies in the west of the country held in Lorestan Province, Mehrabi said: “The issues of reporters’ insurance are resolved, and the responsibility is tasked to the relevant officials. Applicants can register on Saman website and receive their press cards. Their insurance dues will be paid by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance,” Fararoo reported.

Further, to modify the list of clients of the Art Fund, part time media employees who are not under insurance coverage, can visit the fund’s website and register as non-professional employees for insurance services.

Pointing to the MoU between Salamat insurance and domestic press organizations, he said Salamat insurance recommended coverage to media employees not insured by their employers, specifically those who do not have a fixed work schedule. “They can visit the organization’s site for registration of insurance services.”

On the ‘Supportive Package 2015’ (annual financial facilities provided by the government for specific groups), Mehrabi said: “Negotiations are on to pay complementary insurance.”