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Nostalgia in New ‘Song of Peace’ Concert

Nostalgia in New ‘Song of Peace’ ConcertNostalgia in New ‘Song of Peace’ Concert

The ‘Song of Peace’ concert with memorable pieces from the soundtrack scores of movies and TV series will be staged at Vahdat Hall on October 4.

Conducted by Mehdi Vojdani, a group of 17 musicians and a chorus will perform on stage. Tar, Kamancheh, percussions, and flute will accompany the concert along with four vocalists. Vojdani himself will also play the piano.

Talking to ISNA Vojdani pointed to a similar performance by the orchestra last year which received warm welcome and said, “I would rather not elaborate on the repertory since it is meant to be a surprise for the audience. Suffice to say, it will be a nostalgic night.”

Improvised playing of Tar and the piano, an orchestra with Kamancheh and Tar, and the piece ‘Gazing at the Moon’ with a complete Iranian atmosphere are among the concert’s programs.

On the tendency of artists in recent years to render old nostalgic tunes from the past, Vojdani said apart from the aesthetic aspect of an art work, it should appeal to the audience. On the other hand today numerous single songs, mostly pop, are released on the Internet and can be easily downloaded by people. “In this situation more professional music artists need to find a niche to promote their works; so they tend to look at the preferences of the audience.”

Vojdani’s new album called ‘A Place for Eternity’ will be recorded in the US.